ok people so before you play or send me a response, id just like to clarify with you that I am a total beginner at this, with very little to no experience with Unity and from watching a few youtube tutorials I think iv done quite ok.

I'm not a game developer (though it would be cool) however we all start from the bottom right?

all this game is showing really is what iv learnt so far. Yeah its going to be rubbish and most definitely not scare you, I am just experimenting with game objects, creating audio sources making basic terrains, characters that I don't know how to react to the player so I am very aware that I'm a long way from making a half decent horror game.

but for an absolute beginner for what I can do so far and understand the very basics of unity cant be that bad can it?

Just to make you all aware anyway, if anybody could help me with scripting or just tips in general on how I could make the level better than that would be amazing.

Don't Hate a Noob :D